Where can you fish for trout? (2023)

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Some likely places to look for trout in lakes and ponds are:near or over aquatic plants.around logs, stumps, rocks, or other structures at stream inlets where streams flow into the lake or pondbring cool, fresh water and probably a supply of food.

Where is the best place to fish for trout?

The 8 Best Trout Fishing Destinations in the USA [Plus Bonus Destinations Below]

  1. Frying Pan River, Colorado. ...
  2. Henry's Fork, Idaho. ...
  3. White River, Arkansas. ...
  4. Bighorn River, Montana. ...
  5. Green River, Utah. ...
  6. Deschutes River, Oregon. ...
  7. Beaverkill River, New York. ...
  8. Connecticut River, Vermont und New Hampshire.

What is the best way to fish for trout?

What is the best way to catch trout? When fishing for trout in flowing waters such as streams and rivers,fly fishingis the best way to regularly catch trout. When fishing in lakes and reservoirs, trolling or jigging with lures such as spoons and jigs is the most successful strategy for trout.

Do you fish upstream or downstream for trout?

When fishing for trout, it is better to fish upstream ordownstream? It is better to fish upstream. Fishing upstream allows you to use the current to your advantage to remain less detectable to fish and is simply safer than fishing downstream. However, there are times when fishing downstream makes sense too.

What is the best month for trout fishing?

Conventional wisdom suggests solate springis the best time to catch trout, especially if you are looking for bigger fish. The warmer it gets, the greater the fishing pressure from other anglers, the thicker the grass and scrub surrounding their habitats, and the lower the water levels.

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What time of day are trout most active?

The best time of day to catch trout isearly morning from dawn to 2 hours after sunriseand the second best time of day is late afternoon from 3 hours before sunset to dusk.

What hook size for trout fishing?

Generally these are trout hooksSize 8 to 14become best. Always use barbless hooks for trout unless you plan on eating what you catch. Smaller hooks are always best for trout because they see bigger hooks when the water is clear enough.

Do trout bite after heavy rain?

The most important factor in summer trout fishing is rainfall. Heavy rainfall raises the water level, darkening the water color and bringing large trout onto the feed. ... After a heavy rain,Fish start eating each other. Trout move from cover to feeding position.

Do trout bite in the rain?

Trout will be more willing to fall for different patterns and drifts when it's raining. It's important to be experimental in the rain. Fish's senses are overloaded, so risk it with different fly patterns or locations.Trout absolutely bite in the rain, so don't be afraid!

How to catch trout for beginners

As a beginner in trout fishing,Use a fishing float to prevent your bait from lodging in the bottom of a lake or river. You are also better off looking for a variety of hooks in multiple sizes. Do the same with weights and you'll have a better time adjusting to your gear when it comes to actual fishing.

What do trout like as bait?

Top Trout Baits: The best trout baits of all time

  • Rebel Way Craw. Rebel Wee-Craw-Rebel. ...
  • Berkley sip! trout worm. ...
  • Lindy Fuzz-E Grub. Lindy Fuzz-E Grub Lindy. ...
  • Smithwick Rattlin' villain. Smithwick Rattlin' villain Smithwick. ...
  • Rebel Tracdown Minnow. ...
  • Beat King Bitsy Minnow. ...
  • Luhr-Jensen house bait. ...
  • Rapala Countdown.
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What do trout like as bait?

Go Natural: 6 Must-Have Live Baits for Hungry Trout

  • Worms. Nightcrawlers, red wigglers, garden hackles—a worm by whatever name is always a favorite for adorable trout. ...
  • Wachswürmer. ...
  • crickets and grasshoppers. ...
  • baitfish. ...
  • crayfish. ...
  • Aquatic nymphs and larvae.

Are trout bottom feeders?

Is trout a bottom feeder? Rainbow trout are surface feeders, eating aquatic and terrestrial insects, fish eggs, and minnows. Troutliving in large lakes and oceans are bottom feedersand eat mollusks, crustaceans and worms.

Where do trout typically feed?

Trout eat a variety of aquatic insects, terrestrial insects, other fish, crustaceans, leeches, worms and other foods. The most important food for trout and fly fishermen are the aquatic insects, which spend most of their life cycle underwaterrivers, streams and still waters.

Which state has the best trout fishing?

As the US trout season begins, a thought experiment on the top 10 fly fishing states in the country, ranked in no particular order.

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  • Florida. Florida is undoubtedly the best saltwater fly fishing destination in the United States. ...
  • New York. i am biased ...
  • Montana. ...
  • Pennsylvania. ...
  • Michigan.
  • Oregon. ...
  • Alaska. ...
  • Idaho.

Are trout smart?

Trout are just smart enough to survive in their various aquatic environments. It is said that trout have brains the size of a pea, but routinely outwit the anglers who pursue them. Trout have a so-called reptilian brain.

Do trout eat all day?

Not that trout don't eat all day long, but they are most active when sunlight is at its weakest. When water temperatures rise in midsummer, trout are often sluggish. That's one of the reasons it's best to find early and late parts of the day to approach.

Are trout more active when it rains?

Trout are more aggressive when it rains, so they move more to take your fly.

Can trout see in muddy water?

Although trout visibility is reduced in murky water, they can still see well enough to catch your flies. In moderately muddy conditionsYour vision may be limited to one foot. In extremely muddy conditions, your vision can be reduced to a few inches.

Do you need a sinker for trout fishing?

Weights for trout fishing (sinker)

slide sinkersare ideal for trout lure fishing in still water when you want the line to move without the weight while a fish takes the bait. However, a fixed weight on the line provides better control when fishing with drifting lures in a trout stream.

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Do circle hooks work on trout?

We close this circleHooks successfully reduced deep hooking and hooking mortalitywhen lure fishing for brown trout compared to more conventional bait hooks.

Should I use a swivel for trout fishing?

Many spinner fishermen prefer to fish with oneDrehgelenk. The only advantage of this is that they can change the bait quickly. We do not recommend attaching a spinner directly to a swivel. Most anglers use swivels that are far too large, which can affect the action of the lure.

What is the best bait for rainbow trout?

Top 5 rainbow trout baits and how to fish them

  • Berkeley powerbait. The first choice for every rainbow trout angler. ...
  • Berkley mouse tails. The design was inspired by anglers using an egg and grub cocktail hookbait. ...
  • The food. ...
  • Berkley Trout Bait Nuggets.

When is it not allowed to fly fish?

As a rule, trout are happiest when water temperatures are highbelow 65ºF. Any time the water temperature reaches 67ºF in running water STOP FISHING. With water temperatures in running water between 20 and 20°C we recommend getting out early in the morning and not fishing in the heat of the day.

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What is the best place to fish for trout? ›

18 of the Most Legendary Trout Streams in America
  • Madison River (Montana) ...
  • Gallatin River (Montana) ...
  • Yellowstone River (Montana) ...
  • South Fork Flathead River (Montana) ...
  • Clearwater River (Idaho) ...
  • Deschutes River (Oregon) ...
  • North Umpqua River (Oregon) ...
  • Kern River (California)
Mar 1, 2021

Can you fish for trout in Texas? ›

Trout anglers are required to have a valid fishing license with a freshwater stamp endorsement, ex- cept for those persons exempt from sport fishing license requirements. Licenses and stamps are not required if fishing within the boundaries of a Texas State Park.

Where can I find trout in small streams? ›

Look for pocket water. In small streams, pocket water is king. Contrary to the large, flowing runs of bigger rivers, tiny creeks are often made up of pockets of slow water separated by obstacles. These pockets are perfect for holding resting trout.

Where are trout found in Texas? ›

The only self-sustaining population in the state exists in McKittrick Canyon in the Guadalupe Mountains. Since rainbow trout generally do not reproduce in Texas, and are unable to survive through the summer in most areas, the species is primarily used in winter put-and-take fisheries.

Where is trout most commonly found? ›

Trout are usually found in cool, clear streams and lakes, although many of the species have anadromous strains, as well. They are distributed naturally throughout North America, northern Asia and Europe.

What areas do trout like? ›

Large bass and trout are often conditioned to hold in places that are difficult to reach—under an undercut bank, under a weed mat, under an overhanging tree branch, at the bottom of a deep hole, or behind a rock in fast water. All these places offer both feeding opportunities and shelter from predators.

Can you fly fish for trout in a lake? ›

You can fly fish in a lake using floating lines for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the floating line is the best option for fishing when trout are feeding up towards the surface of the water. And since the weight of the fly offers the needed depth, the floating lines act as an excellent strike indicator.

Can you fish for trout without fly fishing? ›

No, you don't actually need to use a fly rod to catch trout with artificial flies. Anglers with spinning or casting gear can often catch trout, often with the help of a casting bubble (a clear bobber fixed above the fly) in both lakes and streams.

Can you put trout in a lake? ›

During Spring and Fall, Trout cruise the near-shore transitions of lakes. Fish along the shore where drop offs and ledges are accessible by casting. In the summer months, Trout will seek deeper water for colder temperatures, but not so deep that the pressure exacerbates them.

Where can I cast to catch trout? ›

Places Trout Will Hide And Where To Cast
  1. Fallen Trees. Trees that have been downed into the water provide excellent structure for trout to take shelter in. ...
  2. Root Structures Along the bank. ...
  3. Large Rocks. ...
  4. Rocky Banks Full Of Open Holes. ...
  5. Overhanging Branches. ...
  6. Undercut Banks. ...
  7. Deep Pockets. ...
  8. Thick Aquatic Vegetation.
May 14, 2019

Where can you target trout in a river? ›

A good example is the area right where a riffle drops into deeper water. Trout will often rest in the slower current below the drop-off, eating insects that are swept over the edge. Other good locations are the insides of river bends, points jutting into the current, and indentations along the bank.

What months are best for trout? ›

In rivers, spring and fall also are the best seasons to fish for trout, which can often be found resting or feeding near rocks or other structures, and in deep pools with slow moving water.

Can you catch trout in a pond? ›

Rainbow trout are the most popular trout to stock around the world, and chances are that they're stocked in a pond near you. They can be exciting to catch, and pretty tasty, too! So, whether you're in it for a rainbow trout dinner or just a few hours of fun, read on for how to catch one in a stocked pond.

What is the best time of day to catch trout? ›

The best time of day to fish for trout is during the early morning hours. To be more specific, fish from dawn until about two hours after sunrise. The next best time is late afternoon, from about three hours prior to sunset until dusk.

Is trout the best fish to eat? ›

Trout is an excellent option when eating fish due to its high omega 3 fatty acid content and its low levels of mercury.

Do marshmallows attract trout? ›

Seriously though, this may seem crazy, but trout fishermen across the west have been catching trout on marshmallows for years, and they still work. Scented marshmallows work even better, and when loaded with a strong fish attractant like garlic, those trout will be lining up to bite your hook.

When should you not fish for trout? ›

As a general rule, trout are happiest when water temperatures are below 65ºF. Anytime water temperatures in moving water hit 67ºF, STOP FISHING. When water temperatures in moving water are between 65-66ºF we recommend getting out early in the morning and not fishing through the heat of the day.

What color are trout most attracted to? ›

There are many different colored baits and lures and choosing the right ones and knowing how to use them is important. Bright neon flashy colors attract mostly trout, while bigger darker-colored lures attract largemouth bass.

Do lake trout like shallow or deep water? ›

Life Span: Lake trout commonly live for 10 to 20-years although some have been known to live for up to 60-years. Habitat: Cool, clear waters of large, deep lakes and rivers. In the extreme north they are known to occur in shallower lakes that remain cool throughout the year.

What lures to use for trout in a lake? ›

Live bait is generally the most consistently effective way to fish for lake trout. Minnows are usually the best option. Other good live bait options are nightcrawlers, salmon eggs, or anything similar to their native prey. One of the best artificial options for deepwater trout is a big bucktail jig.

Is it hard to catch lake trout? ›

Lake trout fishing is one of the most rewarding styles of fishing there is. While anyone can drop the bait into the water, it does take a unique skill set to truly have success targeting lake trout.

Do trout like sun or shade? ›

Trout feeding picks up just as the water temperature rises one degree above 40, 45 and 49 degrees Fahrenheit, so taking the water temperature every hour is beneficial. Since trout don't have eyelids and can't dilate their pupils, they must seek shade in extreme sun to avoid bright lights.

Do trout like meat? ›

Fish -Trout will consume any small fish they can catch, including their own young. 13 - Trout Fry - Because they are carnivorous, adult trout are also sometimes cannibalistic, and will eat their own fry if they find them.

What is the easiest way to catch trout? ›

There are lots (and lots) of ways to fish for trout, but three of the easiest ways to fish for trout in lakes are:
  1. Suspending bait under a bobber. Start with a piece of worm or a little PowerBait or similar product on a bait hook. ...
  2. Fishing with bait off the bottom. ...
  3. Retrieving a spinner, spoon or fly.

How old is a 40 inch lake trout? ›

This fish is now the largest lake trout caught in all of New England. I'm glad he got it, this couldn't have happened to a nicer guy,” said Schafermeyer. The fish measured over 40 inches in length with a 27-inch girth. Schafermeyer estimated the fish to be between 50 and 60 years old.

Do humans eat lake trout? ›

There are a lot of ways to prepare Lake Trout. Pan-frying, cubed and battered for finger food, tacos, I've even baked a few whole. There is no better way to get someone hooked on this fish, though, than smoking it.

What are some secrets for trout fishing? ›

Fish slow moving water with logs, boulders or other cover. A deep, slow pool at the foot of a rapids or fast run is also a good place to zero in on. Use small spinners; no larger than a size #1. In clear water, stick to bright colors, like silver or rainbo scale.

Can you catch trout from shore? ›

Getting out to the deep parts of lake can hep a lot, as can Spoons, spinners, and crankbaits are three great types of lure to catch trout in a lake from the shore. All three will help get you that casting distance while moving in a way that trout can't resist chasing.

What lure catches the most trout? ›

What are the Best Lures for Trout? – 2022
  1. MEPPS AGLIA. ...
  2. 2. ABU GARCIA TOBY. ...

Do trout bite after rain? ›

Trout will be more willing to fall for different patterns and drifts when it is raining. It's important to be experimental in the rain. The senses of the fish are on overload so take some chances with different fly patterns or locations. Trout will absolutely bite in the rain, so don't shy away!

Do trout like fast moving water? ›

Fast-moving water provides an excellent habitat for trout to set up residence around. A lot of them are going to give everything that a trout could possibly need to survive.

Where the Wild trout are caught by fishing with hooks? ›

Pekwachnamaykoskwaskwaypinwanik Lake

The name is Cree for "where the wild trout are caught by fishing with hooks." It is the longest place name in Canada at 31 letters long. It is located just southeast of Red Sucker Lake in northeastern Manitoba, near its border with Ontario.

What type of water do trout like? ›

Colder water always holds more oxygen and trout are drawn to it. Cover may come in many forms, including depth, structure, surface disturbance and overhanging vegetation.

How old is a 6 pound trout? ›

In 2 to 3 years they attain an average weight of 5 to 6 pounds. At 2 to 4 years of age, the brown trout become mature and return to the stocking sites in the autumn to spawn.

What is the best bait for trout in rivers? ›

Top 5 Baits For Rainbow Trout and How To Fish Them
  • Berkley Powerbait.
  • Berkley Micetails.
  • Maggots.
  • Berkley Powerbait Honey Worms.
  • Berkley Trout Bait Nuggets.

Do trout bite at night? ›

Trout feeding at night are seriously voracious predators. Like a big pike or a muskie, these night-feeding fish are often at the top of the food chain in the waters they swim, and they'll hunt down and eat baitfish that they wouldn't bother chasing during the day.

What are the best hooks for trout fishing? ›

In general, trout hooks that are size 8 to 14 are going to be best. Always use barbless hooks for trout unless you plan to eat what you catch. Smaller hooks are always best for trout because they will see larger hooks if the water is clear enough.

How deep are trout in ponds? ›

Generally, trout ponds should be 8 – 12 feet (2.4 – 3.6 meters) deep so that the fish can retreat to the cooler pond bottom whenever surface temperatures increase. A greater depth may be vital in cooler areas where the pond surface may freeze over completely during winter.

What month do trout bite top water most? ›

Come July and August, the flies will hatch consistently at dawn and at dusk. This is when the fish are going to be the most active in feeding. If you are out before a hatch has begun, that doesn't mean the fish won't bite. You may have to throw a nymph or emerging fly until you see the flies on top of the water.

What temperature do trout stop biting? ›

When the water temperature hits 60 degrees, the Cutthroats will begin to stress and feed less. The lethal temperature for a Cutthroat Trout is 68.5 to 69 degrees.

How deep do you fish for rainbow trout? ›

Rainbow trout eat various prey in general, but they are often picky eaters on a day-to-day basis. Trout anglers usually have to try multiple baits, lures, or flies to figure out what they want that day. Prime depths for trout fishing are 4 to 8 feet unless no flats exist at those depths.

What attracts trout the most? ›

Good live bait options include scrub worms, earthworms, minnows, mudeye, maggots, yabbies, crickets, grubs, grasshoppers. These work really well suspended from a float, on a small running sinker rig or a paternoster rig. Artificial baits will include power bait and bread dough.

What time do trout bite the most? ›


The best time of day to fish for trout is during the early morning hours. To be more specific, fish from dawn until about two hours after sunrise. The next best time is late afternoon, from about three hours prior to sunset until dusk.

What colors attract trout the most? ›

There are many different colored baits and lures and choosing the right ones and knowing how to use them is important. Bright neon flashy colors attract mostly trout, while bigger darker-colored lures attract largemouth bass.

What is a trout's favorite bait? ›

For catching trout, many anglers turn to natural baits. Nightcrawlers and other types of earthworms are an excellent choice. Salmon eggs, mealworms and locally available baits can also be very successful and often are similar to food sources in the environment.

What is a trout's favorite food? ›

Depending on what baitfish species are available to trout and salmon you are likely to see fish feeding on smelts, sticklebacks, shiners, killifish, dace, and small sunfish. Other common food items include: leaches, freshwater snails, amphipods(scuds), worms, and grass hoppers.

Do trout feed off the bottom? ›

off the bottom. Even if Trout are holding low, they always feed upwards so always keep separation from the bottom.

What is the best trout lure for lakes? ›

The very best lure is a small Sutton Silver Spoon. You can also use #1 or #0 Mepps, Panther Martins, Moose Spoons, tiny DareDevils, Nasty Boyz, or Blue Foxes. Small Cleos or a small Mepps Cyclopes are also good but you have to shorten the lead line because these lures are heavy.

Do trout like shallow or deep water? ›

Lake trout prefer cold deep water lakes, and it's crucial to get your bait or lure to the depth the trout is feeding. During mid-spring, fish at a depth of 20-30 inches. In late spring, fish at a depth of 30-45 inches deep.

Why can't you hold a trout by the mouth? ›

While it's fine to lip some species of fish like bass, it is best to keep your fingers out of a trout's mouth because it puts unnecessary stress on the fish, and because they have small teeth. Keep those hands on the body of the fish!

What are tips for trout fishing? ›

Fish slow moving water with logs, boulders or other cover. A deep, slow pool at the foot of a rapids or fast run is also a good place to zero in on. Use small spinners; no larger than a size #1. In clear water, stick to bright colors, like silver or rainbo scale.

What size lure for trout? ›

A good rule of thumb is to match the size of the spinner to the size of the trout. #00, #0 & #1 Mepps Aglias are perfect for small stream brook trout, rainbow trout or brown trout. Larger trout may prefer a #2 or #3 Aglia. In areas where Brookies are found they are usually the favorite of the trout fisherman.

What color spinners for trout? ›

Under most conditions when using spinners a simple, straight retrieve works best for trout. Silver spinner blades are known to excite rainbows, lake trout, cutthroats and brookies while brown, golden and bull trout often favor gold blades.

What lures to use for trout at night? ›

Streamers are always effective when pursuing big trout, but they can work especially well at night. When fishing them in the dark, choose huge flies that'll move a lot of water. The most effective will be patterns that have a lot of flash and are made with light, bulky materials like deer hair.


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