Quiz: Which Sonic Character Are You? 100% fun match (2023)

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Quiz: Which Sonic Character Are You? 100% fun match (1)

This Sonic character comparison quiz analyzes your personality to find the character that most closely resembles you. It's a 100% fun and accurate test.

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Which Sonic character are you?

When Sonic the Hedgehog was released, many people had mixed feelings. They couldn't hate it, but it wasn't so good to be loved either. This movie was released on March 31, 2020. It is suitable for children and families. Many critics gave him a bad mark because they thought he was terrible. However, some people are a fan of Sonic anyway. If you are reading this, you are probably one of them. Here's a surprise; You can answer a fun quiz to determine which Sonic character you are at the end of the article.

Why is his appearance in the film different from his appearance in the game?

When the trailer was first released, people were disgusted by the character's small eyes and human-like teeth. The pictures went viral. The underpaid entertainers were appalled. They took a lot of time to create a nicer iteration. Luckily, audiences embraced the second iteration. In the first take, they tried to make the character look similar to a real hedgehog. The Sega version's eyes were much larger. The designers enlarged the eyes.

They also defined his eyebrows more clearly. The mouth is livelier. The teeth are hidden under his upper lip.

Audiences were shocked at his physique when they saw his muscles, elbows and knees in the first trailer. The animators changed his body for a more Sega-like one. The color is now a stronger blue. The color of the abdomen also differs from the first. He now wears more giant socks and wears white gloves.

About the stars and the box office

The film made an insignificant amount$306.8 millionaround the world. It starred Jim Carrey, the energetic Canadian-American film star, Ben Schwartz and James Marsden.

Sound character analysis

Let's take a closer look at the characters before we start the Sonic quiz.

  • Sonic the Hedgehog: It's common sense that Sonic wasn't a deep character when he was first introduced in the game series. Later it went under several developments. In a question and answer session, one of the developers was asked why Sonic wouldn't fall in love with Amy (the female character). She replied that the hedgehog was too busy with adventures, so there was no time for relationships. That was a wise answer. However, some argue that the real reason is that the world around Sonic is too slow and other characters cannot catch up with him.

People make a lot of mistakes regarding this character. This blue fur ball is about the size ofMario(about 1 meter). He is famous for his speed and terribly lonely. He cares about the planet and the animals and plants that live on it. Sonic is super confident and a little impatient. Unlike Mario, who loved mushrooms, Sonic hates it.

The voice and mannerisms of Ben Schwartz were applied to this character. Sonic is a story that teaches us that being different can be lonely. What you can achieve alone is limited.

  • Doctor Eggman: he has several names; dr Robotnik and Mr. Bad. He's the villain of the story. Jim Carrey was given a swathe of hair and a large mustache with curly edges to manifest the villain. There's an ongoing battle between the easygoing and fast-paced blue hedgehog and the selfish and slow-moving guy in red. He's a billionaire who rules a world where only machines exist. He is a wicked man but can deceive others by pretending to be a philanthropist. Despite his arrogant manner, he respects his late grandfather. He is one of the most iconic villains in video game history.
  • Greenhill Sheriff Thomas Michael Wachowski is best known by his nickname Tom. He is a selfless man who wants to move to San Francisco to help more people. Before he moves, however, he meets Sonic the hedgehog. Sonic convinces him to stay and reminds him of his importance. He usually wears his police uniform. He has blue eyes and brown hair.
  • Maddie Wachowski: She is the wife of Thomas Michael Wachowski. She is also the adoptive mother of Sonic the Hedgehog. She has black hair and brown eyes. If someone helps her, she tries to help them back.

Lessons we can learn from Sonic the Hedgehog.

  • Some people just want to use you. Watch them when you have electricity. They may want to abuse it to further their anti-humanist goals.
  • Practice creates masters. When Tom tried to join the San Francisco Police Department, he never gave up the practice. You have to have discipline and make an effort to achieve what you want.
  • Sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself to help those in need. Sonic could use his ring and run off to another planet, but he didn't. He decided not to abuse his power to get out of trouble.
  • You are more important than you think. What Sonic tells Tom about moving to San Francisco shows how important our roles are in people's lives, even if we don't realize them.

Sonic IDW-Quiz

At this point, it is imperative that you know which character you are most like. We have a solution for that. Take this fun Sonic quiz to find out which Sonic character you are. It only takes about 20 minutes and you will get the result right after completion.

Quiz von Elliana

Turning on a Netflix show might not be the first thing you do in the morning. But this is how Elliana starts her day. She's a certified TV show fangirl with a recently discovered passion for creating quizzes about her. Elliana became a QuizExpo staff member in 2021 after taking a Stranger Things quiz on the site. She says: “That's when I discovered my thing; I had to become a quiz maker (if that's a thing)."

(Video) Which *SONIC* Character are YOU?! 😜

How to play?

Spielenpersonality testsis straightforward: choose the option that applies to you – or relates to you – and choose Next. Unlike trivia quizzes, personality tests have no right or wrong answers. However, the questions are in forced choice format. The point is to urge you to choose an option that makes the most sense, not the one that is 100% true. For the most accurate results, don't overthink your answers. Go with options you "feel" are the best.

questions of the quiz

  • Question 1

    To what extent do you agree with this sentence? "The end justifies the means"

    Quiz: Which Sonic Character Are You? 100% fun match (3)

    • I totally agree

    • I don't quite agree.

    • I totally disagree.

    • It depends.

  • question 2

    What was/is your favorite cartoon?

    Quiz: Which Sonic Character Are You? 100% fun match (4)

    • Tom and Jerry

    • SpongeBob SquarePants

    • cat dog

    • none

  • question 3

    If you were to write a book one day, what would you choose as its name? Choose an option that comes closest to your desired name.

    Quiz: Which Sonic Character Are You? 100% fun match (5)

    • A guide to killing your enemies

    • How to win a marathon

    • How to immigrate painlessly

    • In love

  • question 4

    What is/was your favorite subject at school?

    Quiz: Which Sonic Character Are You? 100% fun match (6)

    • SPORT

    • Art

    • mathematics

    • none

  • question 5

    Which adjective best describes you?

    Quiz: Which Sonic Character Are You? 100% fun match (7)

    • helpful

      (Video) Guess The Sonic The Hedgehog Characters Quiz/Sonic Video Game Quiz

    • undecided

    • caring

    • None/More than one option applies to me

  • question 6

    Which city would you travel to?

    Quiz: Which Sonic Character Are You? 100% fun match (8)

    • San Francisco

    • Paris

    • Barcelona

    • Berlin

  • question 7

    Which picture do you find more interesting?

    • Quiz: Which Sonic Character Are You? 100% fun match (9)

    • Quiz: Which Sonic Character Are You? 100% fun match (10)

    • Quiz: Which Sonic Character Are You? 100% fun match (11)

    • Quiz: Which Sonic Character Are You? 100% fun match (12)

  • question 8

    Which is your favorite book?

    Quiz: Which Sonic Character Are You? 100% fun match (13)

    • Friday Night Lights: One City, One Team and One Dream

    • cold blooded

    • The Martian

    • none

  • question 9

    How would your friends describe you?

    Quiz: Which Sonic Character Are You? 100% fun match (14)

    • As a hypocrite

    • As a suggestion

    • As a person who has itchy feet

    • I have no idea

  • question 10

    Which option best describes your physical appearance?

    Quiz: Which Sonic Character Are You? 100% fun match (15)

    • I am tall and have brown hair.

    • I'm small and chubby.

      (Video) Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Spot the Differences | Super Fun Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Puzzles

    • I am tall and slim.

    • none

  • question 11

    How would you react if you saw someone's bag being robbed?

    Quiz: Which Sonic Character Are You? 100% fun match (16)

    • I would not interfere.

    • I would call the police.

    • I would scream for help.

    • I would put myself at risk to help.

  • question 12

    how do you treat your friends

    Quiz: Which Sonic Character Are You? 100% fun match (17)

    • I listen to them and try to inspire them

    • I try to help them when they need me.

    • i don't make friends

    • None/More than one option applies to me

  • question 13

    What is your favorite (or closest to your favorite) food?

    Quiz: Which Sonic Character Are You? 100% fun match (18)

    • Fatigue Spaghetti

    • Vegetarian dish

    • Sushi

    • none

  • question 14

    Which quote do you like best?

    Quiz: Which Sonic Character Are You? 100% fun match (19)

    • You call it madness, but I call it love.

    • Not all who wonder are lost.

    • Part of being human is helping others.

    • I really want to insult you. You know?

  • question 15

    How important do you think it is to help people in need?

    Quiz: Which Sonic Character Are You? 100% fun match (20)

    • It is of the utmost importance.

    • It's important, but I wouldn't sacrifice myself to help others.

      (Video) Which SONIC isn't Real? Quiz #176 | Spot The Difference Sonic Hedgehog 2

    • It depends.

    • Why should I care?

  • question 16

    How do you prioritize your needs over the needs of others?

    Quiz: Which Sonic Character Are You? 100% fun match (21)

    • The needs of others come second.

    • The needs of others come first.

    • Our needs are just as important.

    • What others need is none of my business.

  • question 17

    How resilient are you to difficulties?

    Quiz: Which Sonic Character Are You? 100% fun match (22)

    • nothing can beat me

    • I sometimes fall on my knees.

    • i can be weak

    • none

  • question 18

    who knows all your secrets

    Quiz: Which Sonic Character Are You? 100% fun match (23)

    • My mum.

    • My father.

    • My wife/husband.

    • I don't trust people with my secrets.

  • question 19

    Pick a color.

    Quiz: Which Sonic Character Are You? 100% fun match (24)

    • Green

    • Rot

    • Blau

    • none

  • question 20

    how selfish are you

    Quiz: Which Sonic Character Are You? 100% fun match (25)

    • I'm not selfish at all.

    • I don't really care about others.

      (Video) Guess the Sonic the Hedgehog Characters by Emoji | The Quiz Land $sonic #sonicthehedgehog #emoji

    • I can be selfish sometimes.

    • It depends.


Who is the most liked character in Sonic? ›

  • Sonic the Hedgehog. 33.7%
  • Tails. 14.4%
  • Knuckles the Echidna. 21.2%
  • Shadow the Hedgehog. 30.8%
Apr 4, 2022

Who is Sonic's BFF? ›

Miles Prower, better known by his nickname Tails, is a two-tailed fox who is Sonic's best friend and sidekick.

Who is the cutest character in Sonic? ›

Cheese the Chao

And out of all of them, Cheese has to be the cutest. In fact, it might just be the cutest character in the Sonic universe. Not just because it's one of the few Chao with a name, but also because of its little red bowtie and the way it's determined to protect Cream the Rabbit from her enemies.

Which Sonic character has the saddest backstory? ›

Unfortunately, he's also the one whose backstory gets way darker than you'd expect. From dead parents to nervous breakdowns to being named by his bullies, here's why Tails from Sonic has a ridiculously depressing backstory.

Who is Knuckles girlfriend? ›

Julie-Su was a Mobian Echidna and the girlfriend and distant relative of Knuckles the Echidna. Born the daughter of Luger and Mari-Su, Julie-Su was brought up amongst the Dark Legion.

Who is Sonic's weakness? ›

Sonic's only weakness is that he cannot swim, sinking like a rock if plunged to a deep body of water. The only exception is that he can swim in the Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure Gamebooks.

Who is Shadow's best friend? ›

Professor Gerald's granddaughter, Maria Robotnik, is by far the one person that made Shadow the happiest. Shadow and Maria bonded closely during their time together; Shadow's feelings for Maria were the closest he ever came to love.

Who does Sonic have a crush on? ›

Amy was first introduced to the series in Sonic The Hedgehog CD as a love interest, but their relationship was always implied to be unrequited.

What is the most liked Sonic game? ›

1. Sonic Generations. Even in 2022, Sonic Generations remains the greatest celebration of Sonic's history, and in our opinion, the best combination of both classic and modern Sonic gameplay stylings.

Who did Sonic fall in love with? ›

In the SaTam, and the Pre-Sgw Archie Comics, his primary love interest, and later girlfriend is Princess Sally Acorn.

What is the rarest Sonic character? ›

1 Honey The Cat

Many of the Sonic the Hedgehog characters that are looked at here are very forgettable, but Honey the Cat is by far the most obscure addition.


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