Chrysler 300 963 reviews (with ratings) (2023)

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Chrysler 300 963 reviews (with ratings) (1)

Sheila from West Columbia, SCVerified Reviewer

Original review: July 11, 2022

From 5000 miles my renegade burned almost ALL of the oil before the next "necessary" oil change. I was told that a change is required every 5,000 km. I've had this engine burn out multiple times due to excess oil, not to mention the electrical issues when this happens. I had to hire a lawyer after fighting them alone for 2 years because Chrysler wouldn't recognize an engine failure. Now they want me to do a third oil consumption test. I have a feeling this engine will blow up before they approve the engine swap and it's only 53,000 miles! Something must be done before their vehicles cause fatalities! I know I'm not the only one. That's ridiculous! I will never buy another Chrysler product again!!

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Chrysler 300 963 reviews (with ratings) (2)

Kelsie from Shelby, NCVerified Reviewer

Original review: February 9, 2020

I bought a 2010 Chrysler 300 Touring with 150,000 miles, with a previous owner who did all the maintenance. I had the car for 2 days and the battery light came on. I took it to Advanced Auto, bought a new battery for 179.99, then the check engine light came on. I took it to my mechanic and had him hook up the computer to it. Now the car needs a new alternator... so I had an alternator fitted. I drove it the next day and everything seemed fine. Later that day on the way home from work, the check engine light came on. The car made it home. The next morning I start the car and all the lights come on but it won't start so I have my mechanic check it again. Now it needs a new starter which is $300 plus labor and 2 new sensors which are 100 each and it all happened in a week. Also, every time I turn left, something slams into the tire. I think it could be a tie rod and every time I step on the brake the whole car vibrates.

(Video) The 2020 Chrysler 300 Still Exists

I wish I had listened to my dad who told me not to make a mistake buying a Chrysler. This car is by far the worst car I have ever owned plus everything is very expensive to fix. Tires cost $900 and up. Oil changes cost 80€. Parts are never less than $100 and it's like fixing one thing and breaking another. I really wish I had read reviews and done more research before purchasing. Many other people have left terrible reviews. If you want a reliable car that won't let you down, don't get a Chrysler 300.

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Chrysler 300 963 reviews (with ratings) (3)

James aus Harleysville, PennsylvaniaVerified Reviewer

Original review: December 15, 2019

Well, this car wasn't my first choice, but the dealer gave me a very good deal. Since then I have found this car to be one of the best, most reliable vehicles I have ever owned and the service has been commendable. I've had the car for seven years, it's got 100,000 miles on it and it's as good as the day I bought it. I was tempted to buy a Porsche, Macan, but I don't dare give up my 300.

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Chrysler 300 963 reviews (with ratings) (4)

Linda from Hobart, INVerified Reviewer

Original review: December 14, 2019

Expensive but the 300C John Varvatos Edition is an amazing car. I love the Hemi and it comes with literally every option available, right down to heated and cooled cup holders. All the safety technology too... blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, etc. Simply brilliant.

(Video) Should you BUY a 2020 Chrysler 300 or WAIT for a REDESIGN?

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Chrysler 300 963 reviews (with ratings) (5)

Jackie von Baldwyn, MSVerified Reviewer

Original review: December 1, 2019

I have had this car for over 2 years and I still love it. It got me out of a Cadillac. I've owned 3 in the last 5 years. I would recommend everyone to buy one. The ride is comfortable and the gas mileage is fantastic.

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Chrysler 300 963 reviews (with ratings) (6)

Frank aus Clearwater, FLVerified Reviewer

Original review: November 30, 2019

The reason I bought my Chrysler 300C, first and foremost, was to trade in my '05 Chrysler 300C for the safety tech features. My '05 was primitive compared to the new one. I loved the size of the same model, rear wheel drive, powerful V8 engine, the handling, plus there was a rumor that Chrysler was ending production which made me very happy. It really is a luxury sports car, not to mention the great friendly service I received from my dealer.

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Chrysler 300 963 reviews (with ratings) (7)

A. from Kissimmee, FLVerified Reviewer

Original review: November 22, 2019

This is my first Chrysler 300, bought in 2006, a 2007 model as soon as it arrived at the dealer. The dealer carried out all maintenance work during the warranty period. After the warranty expired, I did the maintenance myself. As a Certified Aircraft Mechanic (A&P), I take maintenance to the next level with precision, accuracy and perfection - no room for error or even guesswork. Apart from regular maintenance, I've never had any problems. The original battery lasted 8 years. The reason the battery has lasted so long is because it's in the trunk, away from the heat of the engine. When I changed the timing chain at 100,000 it was still like new, same was the front brakes. The car now has 157,000 miles and is in excellent condition. I only use OEM parts and synthetic oil. Fuel Economy: City 19-22 mpg and highway 23-25. The look of the Chrysler 300 hasn't changed much over the years and mine looks great.

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Chrysler 300 963 reviews (with ratings) (8)

Chrysler 300 963 reviews (with ratings) (9)

Retired from Saint James, NYVerified Reviewer

Original review: August 6, 2019

I've owned many great new American cars since the 1960's. This 2016 Limited base model beats them all. It's quiet, COMFORTABLE, DRIVES WELL, EASY TO GET IN AND OUT OF AND VERY SHARP LOOKING! The standard 292hp V6 engine has to be the fastest V6 I've ever owned. In fact, it's faster than most V8s I've owned years ago. It gets great gas mileage on regular gasoline. You really need to test ride it for at least an hour to feel the performance and comfort. I am 67 years old and still working on my own car. The oil is easy to change, the filter is located right on top of the engine. All other filters are easy to replace.

Don't listen to all those experts on these websites. I always listen to actual consumers who own and drive a car before I buy one. Before I bought this 2016, I asked people in store parking lots how they liked the Chrysler 300. All the people said they loved him. How to determine if a product is good. Most of these so-called experts only test drive them. You don't keep them for weeks. So if you are interested in a great car that won't break the bank and lets you enjoy the road then this is the car for you!!!

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Chrysler 300 963 reviews (with ratings) (10)

Chrysler 300 963 reviews (with ratings) (11)

Nicole from Dunnellon, FLVerified Reviewer

Original review: January 29, 2019

My car is a 2017 Chrysler 300s Ceramic Gray Clear Coat. I buy the car with 20,000 miles and they had a temporary coating that keeps it looking decent for a week then gone. I need to find proof that this shouldn't happen within a month. I haven't washed it yet because I don't need reproaches and I want them to cover it? What could I get as a written estimate or diagnosis to prove my paintwork should not be in its current condition - thin paintwork, no protection and getting worse.

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Chrysler 300 963 reviews (with ratings) (12)

Candace von Peru, INVerified Reviewer

Original review: June 21, 2018

Chrysler 300 is very good. The sound system is great and can connect to satellite radio. The interior is of good quality and has great tires and a reversing camera. It fits a lot of people, comfortable, not crowded, the seating is great with leg room. While it looks luxurious and drives well, the blue Chrysler badge on the hood would be an improvement. They should also do more colors for more customers, more speakers in the back seat, and separate controls for the air conditioning. They should also improve towards better gas mileage.

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