Avantco APT-48-HC 48 & quot; 2 door cooled sandwich for preparatory table (2023)

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Great prepare Tisch recommend Unit perfect Preis Sandwich Space cooler

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7out ofOf 10 found thisHissive

I bought two Avantco preparation tables, both stopped to cool two days, and 4 months after the guarantee, I was satisfied with this cooler, but they are clearly not built so that it would exceed your guarantee data. I wouldAbsolutely recommend that everyone who goes by buying this purchase revises their choice and selects another product. Not good.

Thank you for your feedback! We are sorry that you have not preferred this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

5out ofOf 7 found thisHissive

Please do not make my mistake that this unit is not worth it. We change 2 compressor and this device does not want to repair.I give up.I give up

Thank you for your assessment, Ashraf! We are sorry that this product did not work well for you. This unit is no longer a guarantee because you are used in an environment with food truck. Please note the one published on the product pageGuarantee document. If you have any further questions, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

4out ofOf 6 found thisHissive

This preparatory table arrived for the estimate within the time of arrival, and our business was still redesigned, we only put it in last week when we were ready to open shops next week.To our surprise, the temperature rose to high 70 degrees F. We reset it in accordance with the instructions, but still do not work. We submitted a warranty claim and submitted a local repair service within 3 days. It turned out that the compressor was badThey were submitted by a partial replacement request and we do not know when we can use the preparation table for our new business. The manufacturer should have checked everything before it starts.How can you send a bad compressor to the customer? We want to give it back, but we suspect that this would be a danger. We had another work table fridge from the purchaseContinue reading

We appreciate your assessment Monica. We wish that this product would have worked for you. Our Customer Solutions team remains in contact with it.

4out ofof 4 found thisHissive

Inside thermostat reads 60, while the outdoor area says 33 degrees !! This is obviously a big problem! I just got this device brand new !! Look at the last rating and you have the same problem

We appreciate your assessment, Taylor. We wish that this Avantco APT-48-HC 48-inch 2-door cooling plate sandwich-Sandwich-Saving table would have worked for you. Our Customer Solutions team remains in contact with it.

3out ofof 3 found thisHissive

Junk. Worked - one kind - for 2 years. The guarantee on Advantco is stupid. Literally takes weeks to maintain a guarantee technology and carry out the process. It is difficult to wait several weeks to repair devices.You have a short -term need, buy Advantco, but do not expect much. I had to repair/replace almost all of my original interviews in 3 years of a new restaurant. The price is great and the physical processing quality is decent, but theActual parts of the company are cheap and do not last.

Thank you for your feedback! We are sorry that you have not preferred this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

2out ofof 2 found thisHissive

Nice union for the price of good size cutting board and works well. The only complaint I could have is that there is really no good seal around the upper lid

2out ofof 2 found thisHissive

Overall, a good refrigerator is, the sandwich preparation area is a bit thin. The actual refrigerator area inside is not very deep. I thought it would be able to keep more.

1out ofof 3 found thisHissive

I bought this November 2020 and installed it in my food truck a year ago. The cabinet is now only sixty degrees. I am disappointed if it only took a year. I will update because I have further information.

Thank you for your assessment. We are sorry to hear that this preparatory unit did not work for you. We believe that it is important to mention readers that food trucks due to temperature fluctuations, high heat and pressThe transport is a popular type of food service, an extremely rough environment for devices that are not designed for your stay. In general, chilled device parts in a typical restaurant kitchen on average not as long as in a snack car. For recommendations for preparation units, for recommendations,who are better suited for your needs, please contact our Customer Solutions team.

1out ofFrom 1 found thisHissive

That saved our life ... ok not really, but it really did it. Our old died and we saw that and thought it was sure that it was. Klein as our last, but the same way and we love it.

1out ofFrom 1 found thisHissive

This was an excellent device! Small enough to press into a small room and the perfect amount of space on the underside for storage.

1out ofof 2 found thisHissive

This preparatory table worked excellently in the first few years. How a work animal! It was only when the compressor started to run was unhappy, but manageable when the Freon added from time to time.Years should take.

1out ofFrom 1 found thisHissive

I ordered this preparation fridge for my new restaurant. It was delivered quickly and quickly. It is certainly delivered in a wooden box to avoid damage. After taking it out of the box, it is absolutely beautiful.

1out ofFrom 1 found thisHissive

This sandwich preparation area is great! The spacious soil for storage and the top has a good amount of space more different coverings.

1out ofFrom 1 found thisHissive

Good product! It is so quiet that I sometimes fear that I am not running! The cutting board is super easy to clean. It gets a small condensation, but not too much.

1out ofFrom 1 found thisHissive

This is a great preparatory table that maintains the temperature. Hat a lot of space, I have a problem and that is that I have not received a bigger one. I will soon update to a larger menu so that I can record my full menu

1out ofFrom 1 found thisHissive

It worked well for 2 days. Now the interior temperature remains at 65 f - 70 f, while the thermostat setting at 33 F. Defect element has arrived !!!

We appreciate your evaluation, Kyong. We wish that this Avantco APT-48-HC 48-inch 2-door cooling plate sandwich preparation table would have worked for you. Our Customer Solutions team remains in contact with it.

1out ofFrom 1 found thisHissive

Article was in good condition and is very strong, I would recommend this article if you are looking for something great in your kitchen

1out ofFrom 1 found thisHissive

I have this unit before 3 Dadys. Bisher very satisfied with the unit. The only disadvantage is the digital reading of the temperature. It is certainly not on the back (otherwise 5 stars) to get a quick temperature check.A thermometer with a probe and attached it to the lid.

1out ofFrom 1 found thisHissive

Arrived. 30 days later the device is interrupted again.

We appreciate your evaluation, Daniel. We wish that this Avantco APT-48-HC 48-inch 2-door cooling plate sandwich preparation table would have worked for you. Our Customer Solutions team remains in contact with it.

Great purchase, at a very good price!

Keep our food fresh and cold. I love that there are bikes to move it as necessary.

This is a great tool as long as the lower refrigerator works well. I have had some problems with it in the past, but it is a great tool that I certainly had a lot of storage space.

We love this sandwich preparation -table. We use it to put together our burgers. Lots of surface space and the chilled section are an excellent room for our spices.

This Avantco -Türkühlplatte -Sandwich -Sandwich -is very useful and practical because I use this product to make lunch and dinner, and my children love it.

The perfect compact refrigerator that can ever want! It's easy to organize, but the best thing about it even has a cutting board!

Avantco APT-48-HC 48 "2 door cooled sandwich preparation table I bought it 4 months ago and really happy, great materialir

Great, well -designed cooler. chef has properly put it to work. Alms everything in the right temperature. Clean up and overall reliable device. I will definitely buy again.

This is our 2nd unit. The first one was good and lasted about 5 years. It is perfect for the price. The only problem with this new one was that the cutting board was scratched, but webstaurant.com gave us credit, which was great.

This refrigerator sets a very competitive price. It is the perfect size for what I needed and is going well. Would recommend buying.

We love this cooler for our pizza kitchen, hold a good amount of product and hold everything cool. Moves easily (to clean or re -position behind it)

So far, it is good. We have been using it in our café for about 9 months and it does exactly what we have to do.

Great little sandwich table. The preparation prepared above is perfect for any type of volume because it leaves a lot of space.

This is literally the most perfect for my small kitchen in my restaurant. It makes the work perfect, is a great quality and keeps things cool.

If you love this preparation -Sandwich -Essen, keep the whole food very cold and very fresh to serve fresh Shandwiches.

Great size was just like a used oneowe the additional space for pans up to hold a few more 6th pans under storage room.Strong shelves last all day long with another when I needed a next project

Keep the temperature great and easy to clean.Has a nice shine.I will recommend this to someone who wants to buy this cooler.

Bought this for a snack cultivation. I am glad that it has local Ale bikes so that I can pull it out to implement the wall and the soil. It is perfect for our needs,

Great cooler chefs showed up on time and was taken care of in a very conditioned shipping. The temperature has kept up in a very conditioned shipping, when inserted, the temperature has a great way. Solid doors are good.To exceed. I would recommend this cooler. Prost chef Tony!

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