12 Formal Synonyms For "With That Being Said" (2023)

In academic writing, introductory phrases such as "that being said" might be useful to introduce counterpoints. This article examines synonyms that you can use in formal writing to expand your vocabulary list.

The best formal synonyms for "said" are "that is said," "thereby," and "thereof." You may notice that the first two synonyms are shortened forms of "having said that". This is because they are more concise and work well in most formal papers.

12 Formal Synonyms For "With That Being Said" (1)

1. What is said

Apart from that is a great alternative. You can remove "with" to keep the phrase more concise.It still shows that you are referring to a previous sentence without the previous sentence affecting the current one.

  • We could have done something differently. However, the results have already been recorded. We can't change them now.
  • It would have been easier to try another way. Still, we learned a lot trying to get this job done.
  • I wantedmake this suggestion. Other than that, I saw no reason to argue against the team. They knew what they were doing.

2. With that

"So" is another abbreviated synonym showing that two sentences should not affect each other.You can remove "being said" and the meaning remains unchanged.

  • I'm not sure about that. I don't want to make it difficult for you. I want you to be comfortable with me.
  • I'll tell you later how I feel. With that I leave you. I don't want you to worry about how I'm doing.
  • The experiment was a success. This made the presentation to the professor much easier. He was very happy.

3. Of that

"From" allows you to link the sentence to the previous one. "Of that" is an alternative to "thereby".You can use "from" if you want to derive some information from the previous sentence.

  • I knew we could work something out. From this we could conclude that the team clicked.
  • I figured out what to do best in the situation. From this it was clear what had to come next for things to go well.
  • You can't be the only person on the team. As such, you should try to find someone who can step in and help you.

4. However

“However” is one of the most common choices when trying to make a counter-argument.You can use it to start a new sentence if you don't think the sentence is related to the previous one.It's especially effective when there's no direct overlap between your points.

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  • I tried to do it myself. However, I knew early on that I needed someone to help me. I had to find a partner.
  • The project went as expected. However, a few hiccups along the way were unavoidable.
  • I'm not sure how to deal with this problem. But I will do everything to see what I can learn from the situation.

5. Still

"Nevertheless" is a great alternative that works in many situations.You can use it to show that you're not considering the previous sentence because you want to raise a new point.

  • I knew you would make it difficult for me. Nonetheless, I trusted you with the information because I knew I could rely on you.
  • The professor wanted us to do this quickly. Still, I didn't want to rush it. I wanted to do quality work.
  • I won't help you with that. Still, I appreciate you coming to ask me. I'll let you know if you got it right.

6. Nevertheless

"Nevertheless" means you don't think the new information in your sentence should be influenced by something from an earlier one.It's a great synonym for showing that two things shouldn't overlap or affect each other.

  • Some variables had to be corrected. Despite this, the majority of the project was successful, which is always a positive.
  • I have carefully considered all the possibilities. Still, there seemed to be only one result that made sense.
  • I won't help you understand this. Still, I think we need to find the next best thing.

7. All in all

“All things considered” is a good formal synonym that helps with balancing.It shows that you are considering all the options and still come to a conclusion that may not apply to them.

  • I'll let you know what I find out. All in all, I think this is a very important thing to go through.
  • You could have changed some of these variables to fix the problem. All in all you did your best and achieved a good result.
  • Some errors in your exam could be fixed. All in all, I think you did your best back then.

8. Still

"Nevertheless" is a great option to undo the previous statement.You can use it if you don't think the previous sentence affects the following one.It's a great way to introduce counter-arguments.

  • I needed to talk to you about what you said. Still, you pushed on and made it. I'm not happy about that.
  • I could have experimented more effectively. Still, I think the result was worth it.
  • The team did not work optimally. Despite this, there was still an overwhelmingly positive response afterwards.

9. Still

"Don't care" is a good choice to show that a previous point doesn't affect the new one.It's a great way to let someone know that even after you've brought up a conflicting view, you still stand by an opposing view.

  • I won't help you with that. Still, I believe you have the know-how to do this yourself.
  • We should talk about that later. Still, I think you hit the nail on the head. You should know that I agree with you.
  • I found a discrepancy in the numbers. Still, there were some issues they were trying to hide that needed to be fixed.

10. Whatever

"Don't care" means you don't consider the previous sentence.It's a good way to continue or counter a point by overlooking the information you previously presented.

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  • I managed to find the right route with little effort. Regardless, it made thingsmuch moredifficult than I wasuntil nowabove all.
  • You could have tried a different strategy to do this. Nevertheless, you have completed the task as requested by me. congratulations.
  • We could have done this together. However, you showed me that you can do it yourself. I'm proud of you.

11. Still

"Still" is a great synonym in most cases.It replaces "but" to show that you're introducing another idea that doesn't agree with the previous one you wrote about.

  • I won't tell you how to do it. But I think you could learn a lot from me. However, it is up to you.
  • I have a few questions that need answers. However, it seems that no one is willing to take the time to walk me through what I'm asking.
  • You could have told me earlier. Still, you chose to keep it to yourself. That's why things exploded the way they did.

12. Otherwise

"Otherwise" is a good choice in academic papers.It shows that two things are not related or causally linked.If you want to use counterpoint in a following sentence, "otherwise" is always a good choice.

  • I can not say ityou allof information. Otherwise you'll start questioning my intentions with all of this.
  • I'm not sure if she got all the facts right. Otherwise she would better understand what to expect.
  • They needed to spend more time sorting these things out. Otherwise they did apretty goodWork with limited equipment.

What does "whereby it is said" mean?

"With this in mind" means you are attempting to elucidate a point from the previous topic of discussion.It gives you the opportunity to go into more detail or to disagree with a previously made point.

For example:

  • I didn't want to do it. With that said, I knew I had to do it.

This is where you can use "where is said" to counter your previous point to show that you arehave made a decisionthat went against the previous sentence. As you can see, it is grammatically correct to start a sentence with "where is said".

Is it correct to say "provided it is said" in academic papers?

It is appropriate and correct to use "assumed" in academic papers. It's not a rude phrase, meaning it works well if you're looking for a more formal alternative.

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However, you might find that some readers find it redundant.You could just use "whereby" or "that is said" instead of "whereby is said" to keep your text more concise.

12 Formal Synonyms For "With That Being Said" (2)

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